life is about music and friends and eating a lot
A very sweet and kind girl. She may seem distracted a lot and that’s because she is most of the time. Very dynamic and always smiling. Sometimes lunatic and a little too much franch. But still very lovely and caring. Put some music on and you’ll see her dancing. Always complaining. Always smiling though. Loves hugs and kisses. She always has to have music on. Music is her life. Friends are too. Looks a little too much shy behind her glasses but can be the most open-minded and cool person. She doesn’t think sh’s attractive. But at the end she doesn’t care. Her favourite colour is red. It makes her think of roses, lips, blood and love. She loves fashion because yes, clothes over bros. Loves helping others, without asking for anything in return. Would love to discover the world. Would love to live around the world. Loves youtube. Talks too much on Twitter. Post too many photos on Facebook. Still on the pursuit of happiness, but enjoys the little things.

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